How to place guides on center of circle in inkscape?

I have been using Inkscape since long for graphic designing. Now I have moved to Illustrator but sometime I find Inkscape easier than Adobe Illustrator. I am not an expert though but you can call me intermediate of course ;).

By the way, if you have been following TheIToons then you might know there are few tutorials of Inkscape here. Let me list them down so you can check them out.

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And this would be our fifth little tutorial (a tip? maybe).

It’s about placing guide(s) to center of the circle (or may be any other shape like square, rectangle, triangle etc).

Step 1 : Draw a circle using ‘Circle tool’, hotkey for drawing circle, ellipse or arc is F5.

How to Inkscape Tutorial 5 Drawing Circle

Step 2 : Activating ‘Snap to and from item’s rotation center’ feature

How to Inkscape Tutorial 5 Snap to items rotation center

Step 3 : Dragging guide from horizontal ruler to the center of circle.

How to Inkscape Tutorial 5 Setting Guide at center of circle

Step 4 : Repeat step 3 for vertical guide.

How to Inkscape Tutorial 5 Setting Guide at center of circle2


Hope this will help you get things a bit faster with less headache :D. Here is what I have been working on. There are some errors but it was a quick job and done in less than 15 minutes. But to get this done in 15 minutes I have been finding the solution for 1 hour and 2 hour tried to design this without trick. There are ofcourse other things I used, more on that later.

How to inkcape tutorial 5 example

Comments are always appreciated. 😉

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