What is Photoshop Action? And Expanding List of photo shop Actions.

If you are into graphic designing and if you ask I don’t know what the Photoshop action is! I would be in shock for a moment. Well, there are lots of things that we don’t know about and this was one for me few months back. So lets get started the basic information flow about photo shop actions.

Photoshop Splash Screen


By the way if you feel Photoshop is a bit difficult then you can start with an open source vector editor Inkscape. And I have been writing a Series of tutorials on Inkscape that you can use as a guide to get started. I have started with this and earn hefty amount of bucks with this open source (free) tool, I must say. Well lets move on to the main topic.

What is photo shop action?

As we can guess from the term ‘action’ that it will do some predefined sets of job, automatically. And this is quite a useful tool to know about and to used to be with. Because it will save you a lot of time that you used to burn to perform repetitive operations.

Where you can use Photoshop actions?

It is a holy time-save for every designer so you can use it at anytime when you have to do some repetitive tasks. There are pretty good opportunities to work in smartly rather then doing same thing exhaustively. It is useful for not only repetitious work but a long and time consuming set of operation that you use occasionally. You can think of following situations :

  • Saving Your work in Pieces.
  • Re-sizing Set of HD Images.
  • Applying same effects to objects.
  • Cropping Parts of Images.
  • Converting Simple Text into 3D.
  • Applying Effects on Text via Photoshop actions.

You can think of your own situation where you feel annoyed with doing the same job again and again. Create a Photoshop Action on your own and be free.

Link to Listing of Popular Photoshop Actions (New Actions being added periodically).

P.S. : I will guide you briefly to create your own Photoshop Actions in my next articles so if you don’t want to miss this life saver guide I would recommend you to subscribe from subscription box below.

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