Cryptography Introduction and History with Julius, Egypt and Spartans.

Cryptography Introduction and History

What is Cryptography?

Cryptography is the science and art of secret/hidden writing, named after Greek word kruptos, which means ‘hidden’ and kruptein, means ‘to hide’. And we all know about the ‘graphy’ 😀 that this suffix used for any process/method or study, just like
Geo-graphy, Choreo-graphy etc. You can find a list on other –graphies here on Wikipedia – Glossary of Graphies.

History of Cryptography with Egyptian, Spartans and Julius Caesar.

There are few evidences that represents the use of Cryptography by Egyptian civilizations. Check out following images

Egyptian Cryptography Stone
Rosetta Stone: Egyptian Cryptography

Above image is of a piece of Rosetta stone – A large stone with hieroglyphic text.

Now as some of the researchers do not agree with usage of Cryptography in Egyptian time, rather they think that it may be their way of normal communication. After denial of Egyptians as the first cryptographers, next is Spartans (I know what you are thinking! 300 😉 😛 ).

Spartans have invented a device called Spartan Scytale (image below),
kind of conical (Cone shaped) baton (thick rod) with some exact dimensions.

Spartan Skytale

However, one of the well-known name associated with cryptography is, Julius Caesar (below photo), known for his simplest encryption algorithm named after him, Caesar Cipher.

Julius Caesar: Cryptography
Julius Caesar [Image Credit : Wikipedia]
Historians report that Julius used to use this encryption technique to communicate with their army officers while keeping the messages secure.

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