Wake Up and Smell the Bacon App Device Oscar Mayer

Is there an alarm which emits bacon smell? Yes!

With a hope to revolutionize the market, Oscar Mayer has developed an iPhone plug-in which will emit bacon smell to wake you up. As I am personally thinking this could create gap between bacon and you, you may start to dislike it just like your alarm tone. πŸ˜€ I may be wrong, but you can’t tell.

I had a similar thought but in different form, let me leak it if someone can build an empire upon, not joking there’s a great chance. My idea was to create aromatic atmosphere according to the scene in the movie, not entirely but to enhance few moments to pull up level of viewers experience. And now I am seeing its better possibility to come true.

User will need an attachable plug that user can insert into their headphone’s jack of iPhone, just like Square but totally awesome and delicious. TheΒ Oscar Mayer Wake Up & Smell the Bacon app will trigger the smell to emit at preset time in alarm to wake you up with welcoming atmosphere and kick-start the new day with fresh mood.

Here is a trailer of what is coming,

Glimpse video of Wake up and Smell bacon app.

Go straight to their website : Wake up and smell the bacon

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What do you think about this? Which flavor smell would you like to wake up to?

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