12 Year old Egyptian knows what to be changed in his country.


At this age of 12 year most of children show their interest in Games, Crafts, Art etc but this guy has something different in his mind.

Last week there was another act of Egyptian revolution and Cairo, the capital of Egypt is on fire again because of giving the Muslim Brotherhood a large majority in legislature.

People are having different opinion and views of this act but in this YouTube video of 12 year old Egyptian boy Ali Ahmed, which is going viral over the last few days, he has been interviewed and he talked on what is plaguing his country? what needs to change? and why people is on fire?

12 Year old Egyptian Boy on Democracy

Boy is using words even journalist, taking his interview doesn’t know. He said “We didn’t get rid of a military regime to replace it with a fascist theocracy,” “I’m here today to prevent Egypt from becoming a commodity owned by one person,” he says, “and to protest the confiscation of the constitution by one single party.”

On asking how he knows all this, he answered that he listened to people and use his brain to think.

Even mature people are wasting their time on juvenile problems while this young blood has something big in his vein.

Here is that Viral video worth watching and sharing.

And here are few interviews from India. I am not happy to share this but it may affect someone ‘s mentality about his own country.

Go Google these questions and get to know about your ‘mother’ India.

What is your take on this situation in our country? Is that little child bluffing? Or we are dumb?

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